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Today it was my turn to capture this amazing and famous stone. Since I live near by I probably have been there a couple of thousand time. I have always thought there is enough picture of this stone already, but since I have a customer who wanted this specific image it was a good excuse. I sure needed this stone in my portfolio, like it or not.

is well known far beyond our region and our country. Every summer, thousands of tourists come to snap their ultimate instagram pic. The stone is formed of waves, ice and stones, and slipped with water movements through thousands of years. Kannesteinen is located in Oppedal, about 15 min by car from Måløy, the center of community Vågsøy.

Today there was a real storm and heavy waves in Kråkenes, perhaps up against full storms like 50 knop. I was there in the first place to test out my new raincoat for my lense and camera, but after a while just watching the seagulls who flew around as it should be no wind. Wondering how much wind the seagulls can handle?

The sun sometimes came through the clouds and I was quite pleased with the pictures I managed to shoot. I really enjoy taking pictures in Kråkenes cause the light is often quite special. Not easy to explain, you have to join in some day and see yourself! :-)

I am really grateful for this moment one mile outside Kråkenes lighthouse, at Stadhavet,  where I was able to shoot this image of "Fullriggeren Sørlandet". This evening ended with a beautiful sunset, some nice clouds and no wind. I repeat, no wind :-) This is one of my best selling image. The beautiful lady Sørlandet from 1927 and the colorful sky appeals to a lot of people. You can find the image in my store and purchase a print if you want to join in.

About "Sørlandet:
Construction on the Sørlandet was started in 1925 at Høivolds Mek shipyard in the city of Kristiansand on the south coast of Norway based on a 25,000£ grant from ship owner O.A.T. Skjelbred.Completed in May 28th 1927, she measured 210 feet in length and 577 gross tons. She was given the name Sørlandet after the Norwegian region from where she originates.

Maiden voyage:
On her maiden voyage to Oslo in 1927, Sørlandet was inspected by King Haakon and Crown Prince Olav. Later in the same year, she set sail for London with 90 young trainees on board. In 2015 the Foundation established it's own boarding high school, A+ World Academy.

This evening I went to the old trading place and guest house, Vågsberget to capture the setting sun and colorful clouds.

I soon got company of these newborn sea eagles who sailed around in the warm wind. Unfortunately they did not came low enough so I couls get some supreme pictures, it ended up more like silhouette against the sun. Who matter, it was a fun shoot and nice to observe that we have more and more sea eagles in our area.

Vågsberget in the muncipality of Vågsøy (near Måløy) was one of many trading posts and guest houses along the Norwegian coast. Today Vågsberget is one of the best preserved trading post in Norway. The buldings at the site are from about 1800 but the trading post´s history goes all the way back to the 1600´s. 

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