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Today I am heading to Kråkenes lighthouse where I will have a brand new photo exhibition. All images are printed on Epson canvas and are mounted on fine wood frame. There are some old and some new images mostly in size 75x50 cm but also some 90x60cm.

When I do exhibitions I always seek for some spectacular locations, and I think Kråkenes lighthouse suits in just perfect! Kråkenes lighthouse around 62º north is about 25 minutes by car from Måløy and is as far west as you can drive/walk. Kråkenes and the lighthouse is well known for stormy weather and big heavy waves coming in from "Stadhavet" and the North Sea. Pictures of Kråkenes is often in media and also sought after place for recording commercial videos.

Kråkenes is ideal for capturing awesome light in a spectacular and beautiful scene.

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